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Technical Team

New Century has independent design ability, our R&D technology team members are mainly doctoral and master's degree students of Tianjin University. We have successively designed tower internals more than 5000 various chemical plants of major domestic petrochemical enterprises such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and Shenhua Group. The main service units and design projects are: SINOPEC SABIC TianJin Petrochemical and SINOPEC Qingdao Refining and Chemical Company's 10,000,000 tons/year refinery vacuum tower, 8,000,000 tons/year refinery vacuum tower of Sinopec Qilu Branch, Yanshan Branch, Zhenhai Refinery, Maoming Petrochemical Company, Hainan Refinery, Shanghai Petrochemical Company, Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company, Guangzhou Petrochemical Company and PetroChina Guangxi Petrochemical Company, Anqing Petrochemical Company, Jiujiang Petrochemical Company, Wuhan Petrochemical Company, Jilin Petrochemical Company, Urumqi Petrochemical Company, etc. Tower internals design projects: 720,000 tons/year ethylene gasoline fractionator of Sinopec Qilu Branch, 800,000 tons/year ethylene of Maoming Petrochemical Company, 1,000,000 tons/year ethylene of Zhenhai Refinery and Chemical Company, 800,000 tons/year ethylene of Wuhan Petrochemical Company, etc. Gasoline fractionator design projects: Ningbo Haiyue, Shandong Haiwei, Dongguan Juzhengyuan and other propane dehydrogenation unit internals design projects: Shenhua coal direct oil-making vacuum tower project Aim, Shenhua Coal Indirect Oil Production Project Key Tower Design Project: Ethylene Glycol Performance, etc.